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Autumn Serenade

If autumn wasn’t already everyone’s favorite season, my guess is this year it will reach peak popularity. Every year, I’m beyond glad when cooler temperatures prevail, but never more so than after the dog days we’ve just suffered. If you developed seasonal affective disorder from spending too much time in the A/C and not enough in the outdoors, you’re not alone. Fun fact: As a rule, I don’t keep ice cream in the house. Rather, we usually walk to The Creole Creamery, Ice Cream 504 or Lucy Boone when we want a scoop. This year, I broke down and started keeping it in the house. Between ice cream at our fingertips and our daily walks dwindling to about one or two per week, our fitness room has been busy, to say the least. Yes, it has been a brutal season — good riddance, summer. 

This issue should prove to be a welcome reminder of the autumnal shift in color, texture, flavors and general vibes. Personally, I’m looking forward to harvesting the fall veggies we planted at the end of summer, getting back to the parks in our neighborhood and time spent in the kitchen without worrying too much about the oven heating the room to unbearable. One dish on my radar is the spoonbread in “Gatherings” that the folks at Central City BBQ shared with us. Tailgating food never sounded so good.

I hope this issue provides inspiration and motivation, however you decide to serenade the season. Cheers!

Autumn Serenade

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