Tulane Dermatology shares the Tulane mission of education, research, and patient care. The outstanding group of board-certified dermatologists are national leaders in dermatology with a mission to train the next generation of dermatologists. The department, led by Erin Boh, MD, Ph.D., delivers excellent patient care in areas regarding the treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, CTCL, skin cancer and cosmetic dermatology.  Tulane offers numerous surgical and nonsurgical treatments for skin cancer, including state-of-the-art treatment in Mohs surgery for nonmelanoma skin cancers.

Tulane Dermatology provides expertise, tertiary care, and consultations for complex dermatologic diseases. Tulane treats all spectra of skin diseases while providing cosmetic treatments and services such as neurotoxins for wrinkles, fillers for deep wrinkles and chemical peels. 

Our physicians offer phototherapy, photopheresis, and unique biologic-targeted treatments for skin diseases. We offer mole mapping for individuals with numerous moles, melanoma, and those at risk for melanoma. 

1415 Tulane Ave., 5th Floor, New Orleans  |  504-988-1700

101 Judge Tanner Blvd., Suite 406, Covington  |  985-893-1291