Ilana Springer
& Bath Designer

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM YOUR COMPETITION? Legend Interiors is a one-stop shop for our clients. When I started my career, I thought I would be selecting materials and finishes for projects, but I do much more than that. We are heavily involved from concept to design to completion. Our showroom streamlines the material selection process and allows our clients to shop without having to run from place to place. We specialize in kitchen and bath design and have the experience to cater to clients’ unique wants and needs in a beautiful, functional space. That is a quality that sets us apart.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT THE JOB? I most enjoy the client relationships. I love being able to communicate with clients from start to finish and really see their visions come to life. I also love learning from my co-workers and other industry professionals. It always excites me to see what new products are available and in the works.

Legend Interiors Legend Interiors

WHY DID YOU BECOME AN INTERIOR DESIGNER? I wanted to help people realize the true potential of the spaces in which they live. My favorite thing to do is design a space that encompasses all the client’s wishes—it’s like a puzzle that I’m eager to dive into and complete.

WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? I love to see the ways other cities and countries design, kitchens and bathrooms especially. Each place offers something unique and different, and this inspires me to design outside the box. I’ve enjoyed many opportunities to travel and am always looking for the next place to explore.

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