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About Us

Renaissance Publishing was founded in 2006 in the renaissance days of New Orleans post-Hurricane Katina when CEO Todd Matherne purchased New Orleans Magazine, Homes, Bride and St. Charles Avenue, along with other media assets, and began the company with a team of 15 employees.

New Orleans Magazine was originally founded in 1966 during a dinner tucked away in the back dining room next to the wine cellar at Antoine’s. For its 50th anniversary New Orleans Magazine placed a plaque in that dining room to commemorate the occasion.

St. Charles Avenue followed, founded in 1996 as the definitive social magazine of New Orleans. Next, what started as special sections in the pages of New Orleans Magazine, eventually would become the stand-alone magazines New Orleans Homes, founded in 1997, and New Orleans Bride, founded in 2000.

All four are part of the Renaissance Publishing’s media family, which includes more than 20 publishing titles, numerous events and four websites.

Renaissance Publishing History